Child-Safe Blinds and Shades: What to Know

When it comes to decorating and outfitting your homes, safety and aesthetics often go hand in hand, especially in spaces occupied by children. Window coverings are no exception to this rule. The importance of choosing child-safe blinds and shades cannot be overstated, as these items, while functional and often beautiful, can pose risks if not selected and installed with care. This blog will discuss crucial factors to consider before purchasing child-safe window coverings such as Abesco Blinds & Awnings

Understanding the Risks

Traditional blinds and shades with cords are the primary concern, as these cords can pose strangulation risks to young children and infants. According to safety organisations, there have been unfortunate incidents where children became entangled in covering cords, leading to injury and even death. Recognising these risks is the first step in preventing accidents and creating a safer home environment.

Features of Child-Safe Blinds and Shades

Child-safe window coverings are designed to minimise hazards by eliminating or securing cords. When shopping for child-safe options, here are key features to look for:

Cordless Operation

Cordless window coverings like Abesco Blinds & Awnings are operated without hanging cords. Instead, they can be easily lifted or lowered with a simple push or pull, making them an ideal choice for homes with children.

Motorised Systems

Motorised coverings can be operated with a button, remote control, or smartphone app. This eliminates the need for cords and adds a layer of convenience.

Tensioned Cord Systems

For window coverings that require cords, tensioned cord systems keep cords taut and secured to the wall or window frame, significantly reducing the risk of entanglement.

Wand Controls

Another safe alternative is the use of wand controls, which replace cords for adjusting the window coverings. Wands are attached and pose no risk of entanglement.

Selecting the Right Window Coverings

When selecting coverings for a child-friendly home, consider the following tips to ensure you choose the safest options:

  • Prioritise Cordless or Motorised Options: Always opt for cordless or motorised window coverings for spaces accessed by children. This simple choice can drastically reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Check for Safety Certifications: Look for products that have been certified by safety organisations as being child-safe. This ensures that the window coverings have been tested and meet specific safety standards.
  • Consult with Professionals: When in doubt, consult with window covering professionals who can advise on the safest products for your home and ensure they are properly installed.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Proper installation and maintenance are key to ensuring the safety and longevity of your window coverings. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Follow Installation Instructions: Whether installing window coverings yourself or having them professionally installed, ensure that all safety devices are correctly installed and all cords (if any) are out of reach of children.
  • Regular Inspections: Periodically check coverings for wear and tear, loose parts, or malfunctioning mechanisms, and address any issues promptly to maintain safety.
  • Educate Your Family: Teach children about the dangers of playing with window coverings and ensure they understand that blinds and shades are not toys.

The Future of Child-Safe Window Coverings

The window-covering industry continues to innovate, with safety being a top priority. As technology advances, we can expect to see new products that offer even higher levels of safety without compromising on style or functionality. Smart home integration, voice control, and advanced safety features are just a few areas where future developments are likely.


Creating a child-safe home extends to every corner, including the windows. Choosing the right blinds and shades protects your little ones from potential hazards while still achieving your desired aesthetic. Remember, the key to child safety with window coverings lies in selecting cordless or motorised options, ensuring proper installation, and staying informed about the latest safety standards. With the right approach, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your children are safe in every room of your home.


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